The Co-dependent Bubble: The Cult of Two

The co-dependent bubble is really a kind of cult of two. A reasonable working definition of a cult is where the organization is more important than the individual (which is why very large organizations often have a cultic quality to them, in that the individual is meant to serve the organization, the brand, with their own growth needs being far less important). The world operates very much via cultic consciousness, and this pattern begins in primary co-dependency: the needs of the relationship begin to outweigh the needs of the two individuals. Much of this has its roots in ancient history, where humans needed to band together to survive the elements or the aggressions of other tribes or all of the physical hardships of mere existence. The ‘team’ was of paramount importance, much more so than the individual. And if you betrayed the team, your very life could be in jeopardy.

We live now in different times; science and technology have taken care of most of our survival needs. We live in comfortable homes and spend time in sophisticated automobiles and with high-tech phones and computers. (And even if we don’t have much money, we usually have a warm bed to sleep in and food in the cupboard). Because mere survival is less of an issue for modern Western men and women, other needs become important—such as individual growth.

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