Private Sessions

Private sessions with Phil T. Mistlberger are available.

Private sessions are good opportunities to closely focus on deep-seated patterns and obstacles to greater awareness and understanding, aided by Mistlberger’s thirty years experience as a depth-therapist and spiritual guide.

In these sessions I bring to bear decades of experience in both deep therapy and spiritual guidance. Although single sessions are beneficial, sessions are most effective when done weekly or twice monthly in a series of five or ten. Rates are commensurate with my level of experience, and a sliding scale is available for those in financial hardship.

Sessions are both local (in person) or long distance (via Skype or phone), and are either one hour or ninety minutes.

Phil T. Mistlberger was born in Montreal in 1959 and educated at John Abbott College (D.E.C., 1979) and Concordia University. He has been involved in the teachings of conscious relationship in one form or another since the early 1980s when he was initiated to the controversial Indian Tantric mystic Osho. In addition to almost a decade in Osho’s community, he spent two years training as a transpersonal therapist and teacher of ACIM, spent time in the Gurdjieff Work, and trained under a number of Buddhist teachers.

Since 1993 he has founded and co-founded several communities based mainly on the principles of Conscious Relationship. He has taught widely around the world, is the author of four critically acclaimed books, and is the founder of Conscious Relationship Trainings (Vancouver).