Trainings are led by Phil T. Mistlberger and qualified CRT teachers.

10-Week Training

A training in developing relationship skills via applied shadow work, aimed at understanding our blind spots that keep us repeating dysfunctional habits and patterns in relationship, both of the primary intimate sort, and in our extended relationships in general.

CRT is a lively, in-depth training that is renowned for pushing participants into a direct encounter with some of the more problematic parts of their ego-minds.

Long term trainings are particular valuable for those wishing to deeply integrate the teachings into their daily lives. They are also excellent vehicles for connecting deeply with a group of fellow travelers who are equally committed to the process of waking up from relationship patterns that do not serve us.

Upcoming Training Dates

Next 10 week training scheduled for every Wednesday starting April 3 to June 5, 2024 in Vancouver, BC.

The course will be lead by Phil T. Mistlberger and assistant teachers.

The 10 week long training takes place on Wednesday nights (7pm-9:45pm).

About our Trainings

An important thing should be understood at the beginning. Conscious Relationship, as it’s meant here, is not concerned with the standard self-help formulas to achieve ‘happiness’ and ‘completion’ in the conventional romantic way. Not that there is anything wrong with happiness and the ideal of romantic completion, but we’re angling toward something deeper and more lasting.

In this context, Conscious Relationship is rather about our relationship with the Cosmos, with the Totality of All That Is, and how that essential relationship reflects for us in all our individual relationships, and in particular, in our dance with intimacy.

To state that our relationship with the Cosmos is the basis of Conscious Relationship does not mean, of course, that we are not concerned with our key individual relationships: family, spouses, partners, lovers, colleagues, friendships. On the contrary, it is here, in the gritty details of our personal relationships, where we do our work. But it also means that we endeavor to remember that all relationships are founded on a Ground of Being, a Primary Source.

Our relationship with that Ground or Source must be cultivated, and our consciousness aligned with it, in order for our interpersonal relationships to be not just functional, but to be the basis for our growth as well. Everything we do in the Work of Conscious Relationship is a means to that end.

Translated into simple language, this means that a relationship, in order for it to be healthy, must be oriented toward some higher purpose, some goal, some reason-for-being. If not, if both individuals (or more than two if we’re speaking of a family, or company, etc.) are not growing, then the relationship runs the risk of becoming a co-dependent bubble.

Phil T. Mistlberger was born in Montreal in 1959 and educated at John Abbott College (D.E.C., 1979) and Concordia University. He has been involved in the teachings of conscious relationship in one form or another since the early 1980s when he was initiated to the controversial Indian Tantric mystic Osho. In addition to almost a decade in Osho’s community, he spent two years training as a transpersonal therapist and teacher of ACIM, spent time in the Gurdjieff Work, and trained under a number of Buddhist teachers. Since 1993 he has founded and co-founded several communities based mainly on the principles of Conscious Relationship. He has taught widely around the world, is the author of four critically acclaimed books, and is the founder of Conscious Relationship Trainings (Vancouver).